XPLORATION18 has joined in partnership with

An adult social network 100% VERIFIED MEMBERS with


Xploration18 is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Kinky Strangers, to bring MANY pleasures together in one place.

Pleasure comes in all forms, so we wanted to provide as much as possible in one safe place.

Creating opportunity to help others feel good about themselves,

While being able to be open and free!

Having the right attire and the right products can help get them endorphins flowing, so when they start to flow its good to play.

So whatever your pleasures are, we hope you can enjoy them here.
Bringing Pleasures Together

At Kinky strangers they do their best to keep everything private and secure for all users. 

Choosing to sign up with Kinky strangers, you are helping support a small team doing their best in keeping you safe while you play.

You know you are in good hands with Kinky strangers as ALL members gets verified via government ID’s with our 3rd party integrator.

Xploration18, a place where all are able to relax and express themselves freely, in the adventurous journey of pleasure. A place where it’s possible to purchase items NOT found on the high street.

 Clothing, intimate products ,finding others that enjoy kinks like you or information to help you on your  LGBTQIA+ journey.

Please follow the safety precautions when using any product purchased from our website.  Xploration18 or Kinkystrangers will not be liable for any injury or accidents caused as a result of misuse.

Published by xploration18

Xploration18, a place to purchase intimate products and more., To aid you in the adventurous journey of pleasure. A small place with a large selection of items and a small team doing their best to bring you low price and good quality products.

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