COLT Anal Trainer Kit


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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Always be ready for action by using the COLT Anal Trainer Kit™. Three graduated sizes of anal plugs from 1” wide to 1.5” wide will help you to be ready to take a COLT-sized man. Each plug is specifically designed for stretching with pliable yet firm high quality phthalate-free PVC. Choose the right size for you to get started in your regimen and slowly get familiar with the exhilarating sensation of fulfilling anal play.

So if you want to expand your horizons the COLT Anal Trainer Kit™ offers just what will need to start the fun and excitement. This kit is the best warm-up for anal penetration.

With a design that’s entirely created with your needs in mind you’ll get exactly the sensation you want and pleasure you crave with the COLT Anal Trainer Kit™. So get ready get set for the most satisfying anal experience around.

Don’t forget the water-based lube as it will be essential for a smooth ride all the way through. Before and after use be sure to clean each plug with warm water and soap or toy cleaner as well.


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