COLT Shower Shot


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For the ultimate anal douche the COLT Shower Shot™ attached easily to any shower for a high quality bang-able clean experience. Featuring a removable perforated jelly-soft dong-shaped nozzle that connects to almost any shower this douche is as effective as it is fun. Cleaning will be non-stop fun with the Shower Shot™ as it provides all the stimulation of a hot cock but leaving you fresh like never before.

It looks sleek and feels good as it cleans. COLT Shower Shot™ anal douche is a man-sized premium cleaning system that offers comfort and reach. This reusable douche is long lasting and pliable.

With the COLT Shower Shot™ you’ll have a delicious and sensual douching experience just waiting for you to enjoy every time you step into the shower.

The dong is crafted from phthalate-free PVC the cap is ABS and the hose of chromed steel. So rest easy that you have a high-quality douche that is made-to-last. The COLT Shower Shot™ anal douche will make any anal adventure and douche play easier and more exciting. It’s a cleansing system that’s built COLT-strong.

For maximum pleasure use with a water-based lubricant. Also remember to thoroughly clean the Shower Shot™ with warm soapy water before and after each use.


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