Oxballs 360 Cockring and Ballsling Black Small


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The Oxballs cockring and ballsling is the perfect toy for men who love to play for longer and who want extra bulk and a more impressive look. This cockring and ball sling is made from soft and squishy material and doubles up as a ballstretcher that gives you a gentle stretch.

This black ballsling and cockring is made from FLEX-TPR and is a lightweight toy that’s also compact. It is easy to use – simply add lubricant to the opening and push your testicles through. This cockring is easily cleaned with simple soap and water. It is non-toxic and free from phthalates and is great for wearing under clothes if you want to bulk up your look for a beefier package that’s more impressive. This toy has a rubbery base that rests under your balls pushing your package up and away from your body. This ballsling is also available in clear and silver.


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