Quickie Cuffs (Large)


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Be ready for anything with the completely transportable sensuous and easy to use Quickie Cuffs.

Made from strong but soft silicone these innovative cuffs are flexible enough to fit over anyone’s hands but robust enough to remain firmly in place during restraint play giving you complete comfortable control whenever and wherever the mood takes you.

You can also use Quickie Cuffs on ankles to allow for deeper penetration coupled with one-handed control.

  • Innovative – first flexible cuffs on the market
  • Discreet – no noisy chains and a subtle design makes them perfect for discreet home use and for travel abroad without baggage check embarrassment
  • Comfortable Control – made from soft but strong silicone
  • Universal – flexible silicone to fit anyone’s wrists and ankles
  • Instant – no fiddly keys make them perfect for impromptu restraint play


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