Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 – Light Blue (Endless Love)


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A vibrator for couples or for some solo fun for him or her!

The Satisfyer Partner Multi Fun 1 offers no boundaries and great versatility with 14 different ways to enjoy the devices.

The Multifun 1 pleases you with a very special shape that can be artfully integrated into any kind of lovemaking.

Available in a pale blue this versatile toy has 3-high powered motors 100 vibration combinations and comes with a rechargeable batter for endless fun.

Whilst one motor is in the upper main body each of the other two lower points of its pleasure arms provide good vibes. This means whether against on top of in under or in between – the sky-blue all-rounder stimulates you the way you need it! The two lower motors can be controlled separately from the main motor so that both parts of the vibrator have 10 exciting vibration programs to offer.

In terms of versatility the silicone partner pleasure-bringer is hard to beat: The rounded shape is gently flexible but is still robust. The silicone surface pleases the skin with a silk matte Silk Touch Finish and also has a delicately lined structure on the underside of the voluminous applicator head. If you put the toy around the penis and testicles during sex from above and let the inclined head with its structured side face forward you will stimulate both his crown jewels and your pleasure pearl at the same time. Of course you can also turn the whole thing forwards or downwards. With the two tips you can also make the foreplay particularly stimulating and massage nipples the clitoris or labia. Even the G-spot the man’s perineum or the tip of his penis can be lovingly discovered by the Multifun 1 ! In total there are more than 14 applications to explore – even in the bathtub because Multifun 1 is waterproof (IPX7). If your new bed-mate needs more juice you just recharge it with the included USB cable and look forward to the next round!

Other features include:


Body-friendly silicone

Easy to clean


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