Screaming O Ofinity Plus – Blue




The Ofinity Plus vibrating double erection ring gives men an (almost) eternal erection with powerful vibration right where it counts! This unique dual-action design helps keep his erections harder for longer with a firm testicle ring to help prevent premature ejaculation. Its unique isolation design constricts blood flow for concentrated enhancement that lasts and lasts and accommodates almost any size member. Simply stretch the top ring around the shaft and the bottom ring around the testicles and position them against the base of the body – they will fit tight and snug in order to slow circulation and help him last longer in the bedroom. The middle mini motor is positioned to provide stimulating massage in the sensitive area between the shaft and testicles while sending powerful vibration throughout for an enhanced experience. With the push of a button the Ofinity Plus becomes the ultimate vibrating sex toy for men and helps promote stronger orgasms harder erections and longer-lasting sex with no limits! Features -Reusable -replaceable AG10 batteries last 60+ minutes -SEBS -latex- and phthalate-free -waterproof.


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