You & Me Game – Bundle




A Game of Love and Intimacy together with a silky soft blindfold and romantic rose petals for extra special evenings.

You & Me is a fun game for two that helps create a unique romantic and sensual experience every time you play. Through fun game play and forfeits you and your partner can enjoy the 90 innovative ideas sexy suggestions and adventurous activities to bring you even closer. As play progresses you and your partner complete naughty forfeits to collect points each forfeit comes with a different level of points to be won.

The winner celebrates by receiving a sexual favour of their choice from their partner what have you always wished for?

Will you be able to stick to your strategy to claim your ultimate prize or will the You & Me forfeits carry you away into a world of pleasure where strategies are forgotten?

How to play:

Why not lay a trail of rose petals for your lover to find you and have the blindfold waiting for them or just lay them out on the bed and start playing the game together.


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