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  Kinky Strangers

 Kinky Strangers is the brainchild of several developers that wanted to see the BDSM/Kink/Fetish scenes a safer place.. They want each users to be safe with who they are talking to.

So join to find others with similar kink interests as you.

At Kinky strangers they do their best to keep everything private and secure for all users. 

Choosing to sign up with Kinky strangers, you are helping support a small team doing their best in keeping you safe while you play.

You know you are in good hands because Kinky strangers verifying EVERY member via government ID’s with our 3rd party integrator.

They can instantly tell if an ID is fake, so we will block access before any harm is done!

 If for any reason something does occur . They are a very small team working extremely hard to please all.

 Please get in contact with Matt :

Skin Two (previously known as Honour) has had a rich history centred around the fetish community.

They combined forces between Skin Two & Honour to push the limits within kinky products and fetish clothing.

Why not see what they have been about for over 30 years?

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