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Q . Why have vibrators?  

  1. Whether you’re looking to spice up your relationship or add another dimension to your menage-a-mois, a vibrator is the perfect bedroom accessory. No matter what gender, sexuality, or experience level you are, our wide range of pocket rockets are sure to give you lift-off.Of all the sex toys on the market, vibrators are the most versatile (they’re like that one friend who’s good at everything). Use the rumbly pulses all over yours or your partner’s body to stimulate erogenous zones. Hold them against your clitoris for intense orgasms. Or pop your vibe inside to stimulate those hard to reach G- and P-spots.Whatever your style, this beloved sex toy has the power to take your play to new heights and push your pleasure over the edge.

Many Dildo to Choose to help out?

One of the most popular sex toys on the market is the dildos , it does have a long history of getting people’s rocks off. So i can understand. There are ones made of silicone,  even a glass dildo (trust, they’re amazing). Different sizes ,texture and functionality,there are a multitude of dildos to choose from to join in the excitement.

Q.  Why use male sex toys?

  1.  While female sex toys have been celebrated for centuries (the oldest dildo is estimated to be 28,000 years old!), when it comes to sex toys for men, they haven’t always welcomed the same level of enthusiasm.Luckily, as times have changed our sex lives have gotten more diverse. Opinions surrounding pleasure have allowed men to experiment with toys specifically designed for them. In fact, men using male masturbators is a growing trend and heading to be the norm.There are so many reasons to experiment with sex toys for men. Male sex toys not only unlock new realms of pleasure, but they can actually help you to become a better lover.While using a masturbator, such as a Fleshlight, you can improve your sexual stamina by taking yourself to the edge of climax and then backing off. This allows you to train yourself to last longer and be in better control of your pleasure.Male sex toys also add another level of intensity to couple’s play. Toys, such as cock rings, have the power to enhance your erection and boost its staying power. Some rings even vibrate, delivering pulses of pleasure to you and your lucky lover.

Toys for the boysSleeves, strokers and sex dolls are perfect treats. These can be explored and enjoyed  alone, or not , Whatever you please. Prostate massagers, butt plugs and anal beads allow you to get that back door in on the fun. Add a butt plug to a blow job for a blow-your-socks-off orgasm.Bondage toys such as nipple suckers, nipple clamps and spankers are suitable for all genders, after all nipples and butts are universal.


Q. How to choose the perfect male sex toy A. When choosing a male sex toy, there are a few things to consider.Firstly, where do you want to stimulate? Penis? Balls? Prostate? All three at once? Male sex toys come in many forms, it’s up to you to decide where you’d like to treat.Secondly, what budget do you have to play with? Sex toys for men range wildly in price, from the simple bargain pieces, to the high-tech male masturbators of the future, there’s something to suit every pocket.Don’t forget, when you choose your male sex toy, consider if you fancy keeping it all to yourself or whether you’ll use it with a partner. For thrilling couple’s play, a cock ring with vibrating stimulators is a good choice. While a sleeve paired with a generous splash of water-based lube will provide sensational solo play.Finally, think about your experience level. If this is your first male sex toy you could dip a saucy toe in the water by treating yourself to silicone sleeve or a simple prostate massager. Whereas, if this isn’t your first time at the rode-Oh, have a peak at some of our pulsating male masturbators or try a rotating butt plug, for extra special alone times.


Simply satisfying, dildos are the classic toy. Start with a small dildo and work your way up to a large dildo for a totally fulfilling experience, choose a realistic dildo or try a glass dildo for temperature play. Take a look at our Dildo Guides to help you pick the perfect toy for orgasmic bliss.

Discovering Dildos

Dildos remain a firm (or flexible, if you prefer) favourite in the sex toy world. Offering people the chance to experience full penetration on their own or with a partner, they are brilliant ‘tools’ for internal stimulation.

Because many are specifically shaped to compliment your internal contours, dildos are a great way to discover your G-spot. With G-spot-seeking curves, using one in tandem with a vibrator is a fun way to experience the elusive blended orgasm.

While once seen as a toy exclusively for people with vulvas, dildos are actually a perfect toy for everybody. Why? Because, thankfully, everyone has a butt. Anal dildos and strap-on dildos are a brilliant choice for hitting the prostate (if you have a penis) and exploring anal pleasure (if, well, you have an anus).

To find a dildo suitable for anal play, just make sure you’re opting for one with a wide flared base. These protect you from over-insertion and stop it… ahem… wandering.

There are options to suit every taste. For those who are just getting to grips with the delights of dildos, a simple slimline one is the best choice.

Once you’ve mastered the petite end of the scale, you can start to explore other options, such as vibrating dildos, realistic dildos and if you’re really after some girth, giant dildos.

How to Use a Dildo With a Partner

But don’t think you have to save all of this fun for yourself - a dildo ride is an awesome thing to share with your lover.

For one, they offer you the chance to experience double penetration without the need to enlist a third member (these puns write themselves). Just remember, if you’re going anywhere near the back door to use plenty of anal-safe lube.

Double-ended dildos are an awesome couple’s toy, one which can be used by any gender. You can use them vaginally or anally, all while facing your partner and pleasuring them at the same time. You can even use these bad boys alone, just make sure you opt for a flexible one.

Or you could try pegging. By using a strap-on dildo, couples can penetrate each other, all while keeping it strapped to their body. For hetero couples, pegging can be an exciting way to play with role-reversal. For lesbian couples, they’re the perfect toy to experience deep vaginal penetration.

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